Our Services

Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning service provides a convenient and professional solution for keeping your garments in pristine condition.

Wet Cleaning

We use specialized washing machines to control water levels, and temperature to ensure proper cleaning without damaging the fabric.


We specialize in providing professional and efficient laundry services.

Shoe Cleaning

Your shoes are thoroughly cleaned and anti-smell treatment is done by our highly trained staff. Your shoes will sparkle like new.

Iron Clothes

Ironing is done with the steam iron and vacuum table equipped with latest technology.

Helmet Cleaning

We've designed unique solvents to clean oil and dust from helmets, followed by treatment with an antimicrobial solution to eliminate bacteria and fungus.

Stain Removals

We specialize in removing tough stains whatever it is and we have designed specially formulated solvents with extra care.

Toys Cleaning

Don’t stop your Child to play whatever he/she likes. We are here to clean and handle all his/her dirty toys and make them like new.